Hello, welcome to PsychologyPLR.com!

The psychologist behind the scene is Dr. Adrian Low. Let me share with you a bit about this shrink. He is a Chartered Psychologist from the British Psychological Society, as well as a Coaching Psychologist from the International Society of Coaching Psychology.

Dr. Adrian has worked with Technology, Education and Psychology for years. During these years, he has created a lot of technology, educational and psychology products and they have been
mostly delivered in a traditional Face to Face methodology to over 10000 students. On Udemy, he has trained over 7000 students in the area of technology.

Thanks to the global pandemic, it gave Dr. Adrian the opportunity and obviously some hard work and time to transform his goodies into this PsychologyPLR format, a newer model of selling digital products and membership sites.

And to expand into larger niches. Plus, he’d also like to be able to teach people how to do the same thing. His influences in the psychology of marketing include John Thornhill, Nick James, Matt Bacak and Steven Alvey. 

Dr. Adrian can’t thank John Thornhill enough as John’s the man who held his hand throughout this journey to make PsychologyPLR happen! If you ask Dr. Adrian to recommend ONE RESOURCE to help you get started and become success! This is it! You can do it too!

Hey, you read a lot of people when you’ve been online for some time, LOL!

Dr. Adrian Low believes that a human being is like a Computer, which has both the hardware and the software. You will see this philosophy in his work.

Dr. Adrian is married and has a fantastic daughter. He lives in Hong Kong. Besides the above-mentioned, Dr. Adrian has been a semi-professional badminton player, movie and music lover.
Give him a piano and he will play the Pachelbel’s Canon in D for you. He also loves marketing, video production and creating new courses!